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UNQUIET NIGHTS // N.Irish Rock & Roll Band

2011-09-06 17:44:21 by UNQUIETNIGHTS

Unquiet Nights are a band with big ideas, big songs, and a big sound. With roots in Belfast and flavoured in London and Rome, the songs are ambitious and direct, whether you hear them live @ 10,000dB or on record. The music takes you back to a time when song-writing was king and Rock & Roll meant something.

Rising from the ashes of a previous Irish radio fixture, Unquiet Nights are centred on the songs of singer/guitarist Luke Mathers, the drum-work of Rodger Firmin, and the precision bass of John Rossi. It had always been about the songs, since long before anyone started taking notice. And now that they are taking notice, the thing being noticed is still the songs.

"We Were The Ones" - the pick of major US magazine Under The Radar for their Best of 2010 sampler, "Burning The Tracks" the choice of Recharged DJ Justin Wayne for his track of the week, and "Shoulda Said Something" made the soundtrack of numerous sports segments worldwide. The songs have taken on a life of their own, picking up radio play in a long list of countries and stations, drawing frequent comparison from DJs to R.E.M at their drive-time best, the lustful exuberance of The Rolling Stones, Primal Scream and most pleasingly of all - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

2011 so far has seen Unquiet Nights in Dublin (Balcony TV), London (Scala w/ Bloc Party), headline shows in their hometown of Belfast, and graduate to national radioplay. The first full album release is due later in 2011 and anticipation is growing steadily about that which is most essential to the band - the songs.

So, here we are on NewGrounds to post some songs. We're from Belfast, N.Ireland originally, although are based different places now. At the minute we have one album out called "21st Century Redemption Songs". You'll find out everything about us @ www.unquietnights.com.

Luke and Rodger were in a previous band 2002-05 called Lovechild, and there are versions of a song called The Siren on NewGrounds which have a lot of listens. If you want to find that stuff its on Soundcloud.com/LovechildIreland. Thanks.

UNQUIET NIGHTS // N.Irish Rock & Roll Band